Presidents Report Feb 2017

Happy new year to all hope everyone has had a great holiday and feeling refreshed and all keen to start the New Year. There has been a great deal of activity at the clubrooms in the last few weeks, getting ready for the firearms license instructors who are now using the clubrooms each week which will create some income for the club.

The hunts course is well under way with the final weekend being 11th and 12th of February. I have been observing their courses at the clubrooms and been away on their river crossing and range weekend. Also, this weekend I will, with others, be mentor to one of the hunts course participants and watching what they have learned come together for fun times for all. The course has a good number of participants which includes 3 young women which is great to see, watch out guys they may show you a trick or two judging by what I saw at the range. A huge thanks to Glen and his team of instructors, they have done themselves and the club proud and a big thumb’s up from me, may they continue for many years to come.

The clubrooms are about to have a facelift and a few changes to bring it from the 1900s to the 21st century. We will be having a big working bee to paint the walls and reposition the heads on the 4th and 5th of March, sausage sizzle and drinks supplied. Please pencil this in your diary, a notice will be sent out leading up to this event. Work has already started the kitchen floor has been renewed, notice boards have been fitted to the walls and a new mat has been placed by the main door. The carpet tiles will be laid when all the other work and painting has been completed, there will be some electrical work performed to bring the building up to specifications as supervised public are now using the clubrooms. There will be hot water running in the kitchen and the toilets in the not too distant future.

To date most of the products so far have been donated but there will be some costs for bigger items, just remember the clubrooms is our house and we need to look after it and with your help we can achieve this. Watch this space as we have some other major changes in the pipeline.

I would like to thank our committee it’s a thankless job but I think we are progressing down a similar road as a team and striving to make this club and clubrooms a place to be proud of but we can’t do this without you. This year we are going to be revisiting Monthly Thursday nights. We were a bit slack on this last year and we received a few complaints but generally the people that complain don’t usually come up with ideas.

We are a committee of a few, the membership is many, so give us some ideas even if its outside of the square. Like making venison cupcakes, deer leather clothing-I need to stop here or this could get bad, no idea is a bad idea.

A little bit of a joke to finish.

What do you call a deer with no eyes? No idea.

What do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? Still no idea.

What do you call a deer with no eyes no legs making love? Still no friggin idea.

Look forward to catching up with new and old club members in the coming months. May your hunting trips be awesome.

David Hudson

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