Presidents Report March 2018

Most people by now will be counting the number of sleeps for the roar and duck shooting, all very exciting.
Most of you would have booked your leave, getting ready for a bit of training or honing those skills with the rifle. Running a few pounds off the dog and oneself, those couch pounds are bugger to get rid of. Don’t forget there is a pre-roar shoot coming up at the end of the month, to blow those cobwebs out of the old blunderbuss, remember those club subs before you shoot that trophy or photo otherwise it is not eligible.

The clubrooms have seen some action lately with a new screen and projector being installed, looks great just the speakers to install, thanks to all the help, amazing job guys. These have been put in partly for the clubs’ use. The hall is getting more & more use; the plan is to future proof the clubrooms as are the renovations so that the future club committees can concentrate on other projects.

The National meeting in Wellington went well, a lot of discussion; a heap achieved over the weekend. The National conference is not that far away and most branches will be preparing for their AGM’s measure night. Busy times ahead for all.

Our AGM is looming large for all those budding new or renewed committee members, some of you might be looking to take a senior roll on the team or the big one all can be challenged, please put your names forward as we invite new blood and new ideas. The Branch is only as good as its committee and members participation; remember there is no I in team, look forward to everyone @ AGM.

The Hunts course is nearing the end and going well. They have just had the river crossing and range sessions this weekend, well done team.

This month there will be no club hunt as the hunts course is in full swing. Most of the committee will be working with this. This shouldn’t stop you getting out there, see what’s around, check out those wallows and scrapes from last year. See if there is any movement, you may pick up a nice meat animal hanging around before the main , nice and fat mmmmmm tasty.

Well I’m going back to counting the sleeps to my Kaimanawa trip followed by the Three kings trip followed by a South Island trip for Thar and Chamois. Only got invited on this trip last week so couldn’t say NO that would have been silly. Not normal to have so many trips on the go at once but you only live once and what the hell there goes the bank balance.
Well that’s all form me, happy hunting, keep safe, remember your best mates, they take years to find but can be lost in a split second. Remember to identify your target at all times.


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