Presidents Report November 2017

Well the weather is getting a little better but still taking a long time to settle, still no excuse to not go for a hunt. I personally have shot more on wet, cold and windy days than I have ever done on fine, sunny and warm days. Probably because these are few and far between. Another busy month with work plus my first National NZDA meeting in Wellytown. A long weekend but a positive one with a lot discussed and a heap to learn. The National office is very central to the city, as a matter of fact smack in the middle – 2 mins walk to downtown and the same to the hotel. The IRD Building next door if that’s a good thing, NZ Rugby across the road.
The house itself is very old, a very cool staircase but very solid and I would say the land it sits on would be worth a fortune. A good investment for the future.

We had our own meeting last Monday night, a few good things coming up and some changes to the Clubroom. Paddy Curtin has offered a piece of scrubby land on his farm in Glen Massey to put a 100mtr range for branch members only to sight their rifles in. A very generous offer and a huge thanks to Paddy from us. More on this as it develops.

Friday night I went to Taupo to the Sika Foundation meeting. All is going well with the subsidized fly-in hunts. 15 parties of 3 were flown in and all enjoyed great hunting. The next trip in November has 17 groups flying in and we are looking at expanding this as we have a major sponsor coming on board. This could be an opportunity to be upwards of 30 groups at one time. So, if you are keen to go on one of these flights put your name down, go to the Sika Foundation web site or Facebook page and read about how it works, $200 per person is really cheap you would normally pay $350 plus.

It hasn’t been all work as I have been out hunting at a few secret squirrel spots in the Piropiro flats area. I have seen a few, I haven’t secured myself one yet but I’m not too worried yet, just waiting for them to get a little bit fatter, mind you my dog Arnold has been giving me some evil looks lately as he is telling me they are there and I am not seeing them. It is all part of learning to trust your hound, sometimes I wonder if he’s there for the deer or my lunch. Still figuring that one out by the
way he likes oranges-weird. Well I’m off for a hunt tomorrow, not sure where but I will decide tonight. Stretch the legs, feed Arnold some of my lunch and hopefully see or secure a deer. Just remember a bad day hunting is better than a good day at work.

Well that’s all from me, be safe remember your firing zone.


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